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Born 1950, London, England
Domiciled in U.S.A. since 1975


Instruments Played: Harmonicas, flutes, Bagpipes, Shawms, Keyboards, Percussion, Brass, Synthesizers.

Born into a musical family in London, England, Chris Turner learned harmonica and recorder as a child. He has been playing professionally since 1967 working in a variety of idioms including Folk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Early and Avant-garde music. While traveling extensively in Europe and Africa, he assimilated many different musical styles. Early in the 1970*s, Chris studied composition with Christopher Small and improvisation with John Stevens. In 1975, Chris Turner was recognized for his virtuosity when he was awarded the European Harmonica Championship. Chris has toured with numerous professional bands and appears on many recordings . He has worked extensively as a Composer, Music Director, and Arranger for various theatrical organizations including Rhode Island*s prestigious Trinity Repertory Company, as well as for films, animations, radio and t.v. Besides a variety of harmonicas, Chris is also proficient on flutes, bagpipes, shawrns, keyboards, brass, synthesizers and some percussion.

Bands include: Missouri Compromise, Ian Anderson*s Blues Band, Champion Jack Dupree, The Screw, S.M.E., Portsmouth Sinfonia, Have Mercy, One Band, Otis & Ridley Band, Nee Ningy, Woodchucks in Babylon, Big Zucchinis, Bo Lozofç Mimi Farina, Big Boy Henry, Smiling Dogs, The Hubbards, The Players, The Whompers, Bobby Bradford, Eugene Chadbourne, 100th Monkey, WuJi, and many more.

chris_rachel_portrait1Compositions: Various works for Solo, Ensemble, Live and Tape have been presented in Concert performances, Recordings, Plays, Dances, Films, Animations, Radio and T.V.



Rachel Maloney
Born in Norton, Virginia
Education: ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART, London, England

Instruments played: Fiddle, Viola, Melodeon, Psaltery, Euphonium, [idi Instruments (Synthesizers, etc.)

Born in the coal mining town of Norton, Virginia where her father worked in the mines. Deep in the heart of Appalachia, her love of fiddle music developed at an early age. Living later in North Carolina, her repertoire continued to grow, remaining predominantly Appalachian.

While attending the Royal College of Art in London, England, Rachel’s musical horizons greatly widened with the discovery of music from Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and the Shetlands. Traveling extensively throughout Europe and West Africa, her ears were opened to new, exciting and eclectic forms of traditional music. She earned her living from performing, lecturing & teaching, typically touring for ten months out of the year.

The bands she was involved in reached as far north as Canada and as far south as Florida, remaining mostly east of the Mississippi, venturing frequently to Europe. In 1987, Rachel was offered a position as performer, composer & musical director at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, Rhode Island. During this time, she has continued to do one major tour a year, usually to Europe, after shorter tours to North Carolina and Virginia. Her musical interests have further developed to include film and T.V. scores, electronic and multi-media collaborations and new music compositions.

Bands Include:

The Portsmouth Sinfonia,The Terribles Jug Band, Nee Ningy,Big
Zucchini Washboard Bandits,Big boy Henry Band,Drink Small Band,Frog Strike
Pack,Smiling Dog Band,The Hubbard¹s,The Players,The Noogies,The Hankies,The
Whompers,Sleet Sops,100th  Monkey,The Repeato¹s,The Providence
Wholebellies,Hair of The Dog,Chris Turner and the Blue Hussars¹,The Third
Program and many more
Rachel’s Bio Selected Samples:

  • 1974 Portsmouth Sinfonia
  • 1973 The Terribles Jug Band; London based jug band
  • 1977-76 Sleet Sops; Duo performing Britsh and celtic music
  • 1977-Present The Noogies; British based Country Blues Band
  • 1977-81Nee Ningy; North Carolina based touring folk band
  • 1985-Present The Banished Fool’s; Wild and Crazy band of minstrels and players
  • 1981-85The Big Zucchinni Washboard Bandits; North Carolina Based touring Folk band
  • 1981 The Leroy Hoke Memorial Concert; performer in avant-garde ensemble
  • 1982 Theater of the Senses; composed and performed
  • 1985-Present  The Whomper’s; Musical trio playing a wife variety of eclectic  and well known instrumentals
  • 1986-87 The Players; produced and recorded Chrismas The Players
  • 1987-Present Trinity Repertory Theater; Composed, performed and sometimes directed various theatrical productions
  • 1988  The Girl of the Golden West Soho Rep.NY. N.Y.
  • 1989Volpone  Trinity Repertory Theater
  • The Idiot Trinity   1990Pan Twilight Circus  Portland Oregon
  • Disgrace  Dance Theater Workshop    NYC  NY
  • Cetaceans   Sacred Spaces  AS220 Providence RI
  • 1991 School for Wives Trinity Repertory Theater
  • Leroy Hoke Band East Coast tour and recordings
  • 1992 Fences   Macbeth  TrinityRepertory co.
  • Beowulf  Real Fun Theater Providece
  • Frailejon  Feature length movie
  • 1993 Twelfth Night Trinity Rep. Co.
  • Concealed Performance Original Music and Dance
  • Convergance Festival Providence RI
  • Soundscape First Night Providence Quadraphonic original electronic sound
  • installation
  • 1994Measure for Measure,The Miser,The Winter¹s Tale,Christmas Carol  Trinity
  • Rep.Co. Wild Windows First Night Providence Banished Fool’s 1995

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